Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buckwheat Honey Blueberry Corn Muffins

I've been baking a lot the last year with Maiya, but mostly stuff from a box. But as I've said before, I don't cook, and something always goes wrong when I try to guess about recipes. Recently she started getting out her cooking/baking stuff when she helps me bake stuff. So here's what happened last week on my day off:

Opened box of blueberry muffin mix.
Dumped it in.
Poured a cup of milk.
Took a phone call.
Came back.
"Mommy, look i poured the milk in by myself!"
"Oh! Let me take a look."
Sure is watery looking.
Check box.
Oh! Supposed to be 1/4 cup milk, not 1 cup.
Hmm. How to fix. How to fix.
Oh! Get another box, double the batch.
That might help.
Grab box from pantry.

Open it. Maiya pours it in.
Hmm, why is it yellow?
Check box, it's cornbread mix, not blueberry!

Ok, well, Maiya stirs with her little whisk.
See what happens.
Hmm, still pretty thin.
Check cupboard, no more box mixes, but buckwheat pancake mix.
Hell, pour some in.
Add honey. Add some frozen blueberries.
Uh oh. One box says 10-12 minutes, the other says 13-15 minutes.
What to do. What to do.
Setting timer. Maiya has a fit, wants to do it herself.
We fight over the timer, it accidentally gets set at 15 minutes.
15 minutes later, a
ck again! I meant to set it at 10!
Oops they are browned on top, and burned on the bottom.
And instead of 5-6 muffins, we have 16 big ones and 12 small ones.
So we eat the tops and toss the bottoms.

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Love your stories!