Saturday, August 09, 2008

Twice around the block

In addition to going to the Dodger game last Sunday afternoon, we had an even busier evening. After the Dodger game, we went to Devin's 3rd bday party at the airport park for dinner. Maiya had an angry meltdown because we had to leave just before the cake part, and she was screaming about the injustice of having to leave without the cake. So, to somewhat calm her down before leaving her with Uncle Bill all evening, Tony took her for a ride on their new vintage bike. She was so happy, I dare you to find the dried saltiness around her red puffy eyes.

After the bike ride, we left her with Uncle Bill, who had rented a Dora DVD for her. That kept her going for 6 hours while we went out to the Ford Amphitheater for the Tia Chucha Cultural Center fundraiser. Nobuko performed, as well as Charles Wright (Express Yourself), and we also got to see Olmeca and Upground. It was a pretty awesome night of performances. I think my favorite was Upground, a bunch of young guys from East Los, as they called it. I think someone told me that they all went to Roosevelt, where my mom went to high school in Boyle Heights. When we got back at 11:30 pm, Maiya and Uncle Bill were on the couch, still watching Dora, for the 3rd time that night. Say "Adios, Dora!"

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