Friday, August 01, 2008

How Daddy Spent His $66

Maiya: Daddy, mommy said no more buying bikes!
Daddy: But it's for us!
Maiya: Ohhhh. (Big smile.)
A few days later, here is Tony's latest ebay purchase. $66 plus $47 shipping.
Tony & Maiya spent the day getting new tires for this bike while I stayed home and cleaned house, did dishes, cleaned the floors, laundry, watered the garden, cleaned off the table, went through old tax papers, organized stuff and filed paperwork the entire day. Right now, they're at Uncle Bill's, having ridden the bike around together. I think we now have 6 bikes, not counting Maiya's 2 little bikes. I hope this is the last bike. This afternoon Tony was on ebay looking at tandem bikes. Oy vey.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jenni, it's in the genes. Last week I picked up two more vintage (early 1960s) Singer sewing machines (one a Rocketeer ina substantial midcentury desk cabinet, the other a lovely aqua). The next day at the thrift store I bought a neat Kenmore sewing machine (from 1960 that looks like a Buick. Total for all three including the desk-$55.