Monday, August 01, 2005

To: Giovanni and Colin

I've been so sad the last few days, thinking a lot about two babies who passed away last week. Neither of whom I had ever met. One was Emily, whose 6 month old boy Giovanni died of SIDS. Giovanni was just learning how to turn over. Born 6 days before Maiya, he had turned from his stomach to back twice, but never from his back to stomach. When his dad went to get him up on Wednesday morning, he had turned over to his stomach in his sleep. And he was gone. Just like that.

The other one was my brother's friends, Susie & Greg who lost their son, Colin, who was a micro-preemie and a twin. He underwent two surgeries and countless blood transfusions in his struggle to live. He lived for almost 3 months, but he was born too early at 25 weeks, and his organs just weren't developed enough to work properly. The only positive is that Colin's twin sister Caroline is gaining steadily and after 3 months is now almost 7 pounds and will hopefully be able to go home soon.

These have shocked me and rocked me to the core. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish that these families are going through, and I mourn with them as they must now pick up and continue their lives. When I read about Colin and Giovanni, both times I had to run to Maiya, take her in my arms, cover her with hugs and kisses, and hold on tight to my little baby.

My deepest condolences. En memoriam.


Yuko said...

Not being a parent, I can't imagine such a loss... I just know that when I was home right after my second nephew was born, when my sister was puttering around the house, I kept vigilance over Kaden, watching and worrying at his still erratic breathing and heartbeat. I couldn't even voice my worry to my sister fearing irrationally that I might jinx something... I was on edge all the time... marveling at how my sister could be so calm...

The families of Colin and Giovanni are in my prayers tonight.

yam said...

:-( such sad stories. my condolences out to those two families. we've had enough sadness in our family, so i sure wouldn't want anyone else to have to suffer through it as well.