Friday, August 05, 2005

Amazing Nephews at Play

I'm a proud auntie... amazed by the talent of my young nephews. Check it out.

First is Kieth, who is 4 years old. He started water skiing at 3. Apparently, when you start at this age, the rope is attached to the ski, and they use a boat with a smaller engine. Well, this summer I got to watch him from the board. He has graduated to skiing with a bigger boat (the same one his mom and Aunt Heidi use), and the rope is attached to the boat, which is much harder. Here he is a few weeks ago with my sister in the water behind him.

Water skiing toddler

Next is Kyle, a junior taiko master at age 2 1/2 years old. He recently went to Taiko Jam and knew a few of the pieces from watching the TAIKOPROJECT (re)generation DVD over and over and over. Why oh why don't they have taiko for tots? I think at the Taiko Conference, the minimum age for the kids workshop was 4. Here he is, legs bent, bachi's flying, and everything!

Dogo dogo dogo dogo don...

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive. It's great that their parents are providing them with these opportunities.
Fran (Maiya's Idaho Grandma, AKA Bubbe)