Sunday, August 07, 2005

J-town mural update

For Tony, this summer has been all about the J-town mural. He's been working on finalizing the panels in the backyard and in the garage day and night--I can't count how many "all-nighters" he has pulled in the last month and a half. Many times, he is coming to bed as I am waking up. But the end is in sight. I think the mural will be finished in the next day or so. The Kuida-Osumi household will be so happy when it's finished!!

Tony working way past midnight on Nisei Week image

J-town's "Bronzeville" resident, jazz musician Charlie Parker

Maiya helping Daddy finish the mural


Yuko said...

can't wait to see the finished product! Do you think Maiya could be the youngest person to ever participate in a mural project? =)

Anonymous said...

The mural looks great!
Idaho Bubbe

mamalife said...

Wow - the mural is beautiful!