Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On the 6th Day She Rested (Tony's Blog)

Man, am I tired. It’s 4:54 am and I haven’t been to bed yet. But I gotta blog because last week I challenged Jenni to blog for 5 days straight. She took it one step further and blogged twice a day for 5 days and said I had to blog on the sixth day. Well here I am.

Working on the mural

I’ve been working on the mural all night and for the last hour checking out eBay, Craig’s list and reading and commenting on Yuko and Ayako's blogs. The mural is coming along. Ten of the twenty 4’ x 8’ panels are completely finished and clear coated. I was working on two more tonight and 8 more are at Sergio’s house that he and Jorge have been busy finalizing. Our goal is to have them all done by August 1. It’s gonna be tight. Although we wanted to get the mural done last January/February, I’m really glad Maiya will get a chance to “paint” the mural. I think a footprint or handprint would be very cool.

Maiya "bridging generations" on the mural


z said...

I love the colors of the mural! The picture of you and Maiya is so very cute!!

Yuko said...

One would think a progressive-minded guy would know better than to issue a challenge like that! =) But nice to hear your "voice", too. Love the pics! "Waga waga no Kokoro" -- didja outline the kanji for that? Nice! And thanks for stopping by mi blog-o, and for Maiya's message. And thank you to Jenni, too, for responding to my self-conscious, self-absorbed rambling.

Blog on!