Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Time for Lunch! Video Blog

Maiya's new lunch seat!

I'm hoping this works. I think you need to have Quick Time Player or something similar to view Maiya's most recent video. Give it about 30 seconds to load if you have DSL, more or less if you don't. Click here to download or activate the video: Lunch Time Video Blog

The post script however, is that I didn't really like the seat for this stage of her eating. For the last month, Maiya has been sitting on our lap to eat her organic brown rice cereal and things like mashed bananas, prunes and apples--all organic. In the seat, she is too low, and has both hands free, so she made quite the mess. Later, when she's eating with her hands, and with a spoon, I think the seat will make more sense. But for now, while she's on the pureed foods, I think it's best to keep her on our lap. It's much more intimate, and we're able to sit in a way that is closer to nursing.

Please let me know if you were able to view the video. And if you want more video blogs.


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z said...


I was able to download and watch the video... she is so cute!!! And yes, please, more video!

Yuko said...

yay, i got to see the video... and hear mommy narrate--all quite nicely! yes, more video!

Anonymous said...

My how big Maiya is getting!

Just adorable...

Loved the video...

Beth and Brian!