Friday, August 19, 2005

Standing with Cindy

Baby Activist for Peace

I've been out of town and a little consumed with a newly mobile (grabbing, rolling, lunging and scooting) and teething (working on tooth #3) baby this week and I haven't been too up on the whole Cindy Sheehan thing. I mean, I knew that her son died in Iraq, and I knew she was camped out in Crawford Texas and wanted to talk to Gdub.

But it wasn't until this morning at 6am while I was up with Maiya, that I saw some Republican politician from Florida commenting on TV on how the President should not meet with Cindy Sheehan, because then he would have to meet with all of the other mothers, etc., and they he would have to meet with anyone who had a gripe. He said he thought it would set a precedent. You mean for the President to be accountable for his actions??? Hello!!

That really struck me, because it sounded just like them saying how they don't meet or negotiate with terrorists. Then this morning, I heard Cindy do an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on KPFK. She was awesome. I totally respect her for saying, enough is enough. She said that her son died, not for democracy, or freedom, but for lies about WMD and SH which been proven lies as early as 2002 in the DowningStreet Memo.

When asked to comment about the attacks on Cindy by the extreme right that she is a traitor, she said that anyone who said she didn't have a right to speak out against the war, then they were un-American, and that she was doing what she felt was a patriotic duty to ask questions and to get answers about why her son and all the other sons were murdered in Iraq.

Then what really impressed me was that she said that Camp Casey and the anti-war movement are bigger than her. Even though she had to leave to see her mother who had a stroke yesterday, but that there were still many mothers with children who died in Iraq and more mothers whose children are still in Iraq, along with 100 people camping out in front of Bush's ranch, and that there were 100,000 people attending 1600 vigils held across the country on Wednesday.

While I can't go camp out in Crawford right now, I think it's time for me, Tony & Maiya to go together as a family to a local candlelight vigil or peace rally to stand with Cindy and to support bringing the troops home ASAP.

Peace. Out.

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