Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Maiya's Packing List

I spent days stressing about how and what to pack for Maiya for the trip to Idaho and Washington. I was concerned about flying by myself with an infant, and my ability to carry Maiya, both of our luggage, and get us through security, on the plane, off the plane, getting the rental car, etc. I went online and couldn't find any decent infant (6 month) packing lists for vacations, and I researched airplane travel tips for babies, in anticipation of a crying baby en route, traveling across state lines on the road, and currently nursing, and beginning to eat rice cereal.

It took me 3 days to pack, partly because Maiya is so active and wants to be held so often... the first day, I created the following list, the 2nd day, I packed Maiya's clothes and started assembling all her toiletries and pumping paraphernelia and the 3rd day, I packed my own stuff. I tell you, having the list for Maiya's stuff made packing so much easier. Lianne came over and spent 5 hours entertaining Maiya so that I could finish up packing, which was totally awesome because I wouldn't have finished without her.

I managed to get ALL her stuff into 2 small bags, one backpack carry on diaper bag and one shoulder bag. Preboarding didn't really help, because by the time I got the stroller and infant seat folded up with one hand, regular passengers were passing me up. I was extremely lucky that she slept in the New Native Carrier (my brest friend!) the entire flight and we didn't need any of the toys on the flights, but we did use them in the airport since our flight was delayed 2 hours. I carried her in the sling in the airport, and pushed the stroller with the 2 bags after checking my own luggage.

Here's the packing list for Maiya for our first vacation 5 nights, 6 days.

Stroller (gate check in)
Infant seat carrier (gate check in)
Backpack diaper bag (carry-on)
Shoulder bag (check in)

4 cotton sunsuit/dresses (carry-on 1, pack 3)
4 onesies (carry-on 1, pack 3)
1 feety PJs (carry-on)
1 longsleeve shirt w/matching sweats (carry-on) *DIDN'T USE
1 sweater (carry-on) *DIDN'T USE
1 t-shirt with matching pants (pack) *DIDN'T USE
1 denim shorts (pack)
2 socks (pack) *DIDN'T USE
2 hats (pack)
swim diaper/3 liners (pack) *DIDN'T USE

Patemm changing pad (pack)
Diapers (48) (24 pack, 30 tony bring)
2 Desitin (carry-on/pack)
Changing pad (carry-on)
Wipes (carry-on 2 travel/1/4 pack)
Hydrocortisone (carry-on)
Baby Lotion - California Båby (pack)
Baby shampoo - California Baby (pack)
Aquafor ointment (sample size) (carry-on)
Sunscreen - organic (pack)
Nipple cream - Lansinoh (pack)
Hyland's eething tablets (carry-on)
Baby Tylenol just in case (carry-on) *DIDN'T USE
Nail clippers (carry-on)
Nose aspirator just in case (pack) *DIDN'T USE
1 washcloth (pack)
2 burpee cloths (carry-on 2, pack 1)
3 bibs (pack)

Feeding stuff
Avent manual pump (carry-on)
Avent nipple (carry-on)
2 frozen milk bottles (carry-on)
2 fresh milk bottles (carry-on)
2 freezer ice w/bottle pouch (carry-on)
Sippy cup w/water (carry-on)
nipple shields (carry-on)
pacifier (carry-on)
Baggie rice cereal (5 TBS) (pack)
Spoon (pack)
Extra plastic daisy for pump (pack)*DIDN'T USE
Emergency formula samples just in case (pack 5) *DIDN'T USE

New Native Carrier pouch sling (carry-on)
3 receiving blankets (carry-on/pack)
2 floor blankets (pack)
1 bath towel (pack)
lady bird turtle/teether rings (carry-on)
worm/caterpillar (carry-on)
dragon (carry-on)
rattle (pack)
soft bath book (pack)
1 disposable changing pad (pack)
extra plastic bags & ziplocks

In the future, I will bring more burp cloths, but less bibs and blankets. It was good having the extra diaper stuff, since I was able to keep a changing station at Fran's house, and then have one for the car and one for the diaper bag. I didn't use all the clothes, but that was mostly because she never needed longsleeves or socks because of the heat. Next time, I think it won't take me as long to pack, and I'll keep a copy of this list handy.

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zeebah said...

I'm glad the trip went well! I'd imagine that packing for both of you will get much easier the more you do it.