Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kuida-Osumi's Family Vacation

For our vacation, we went to visit Tony's relatives in Idaho and Washington this past week. Tony drove up on a road trip with his dad Larry and Uncle Bill, while Maiya and I flew up. Here are 5 photos from the trip. Please stay tuned as I sort through the best of the 150 photos that we took on the trip.

Maiya with Bubbe and Zeyde at Coeur d'Alene Lake

Maiya with Liz and her daughter Rebecca

Maiya and I arrived two days before Tony, so we spent the first two nights at Tony's mom Fran and Don's house in Northern Idaho. Maiya met grandpa Don, great grandma Marie, Great Aunt Liz and her family, Eddie, Rebecca, Jacob, and Great Aunt Jenner and her family, Steve, Shane and Hannah, all of whom have moved to Idaho in the last year. I had such a great time visiting with Fran and Don, who are awesome hosts. I felt so at home with everyone there. Fran set up an Internet Cafe and nursing station for us in her guest room. It was fun to hang out with Liz and Rebecca.

Maiya with Great Great Aunty Aiko

From left: Larry, Midori, Maiya, Tony and Uncle Bill

Me and Maiya drove over 250 miles round trip to Central Washington to meet Tony, Uncle Bill and Larry visit Maiya's great grandpa Yoshio's extended family (actually twice). We visited with Aunty Aiko (Yoshio's only living sibling), Uncle Chi and their family, Cousin Tammy, Nathan, Jynni, Johnny. We also spent time with Aunty Midori and Cousin Gloria. We had dinner at Aunty Kiyo's, and saw cousins Lynn and Irene. We got caught in a weird dust storm when winds whipped through Central Washington. We also discovered that Maiya loves wind socks and kites, which were flapping wildly in the wind.

Maiya with Mommy and Daddy at Pont D'Oreille Lake

Overall, it was a great vacation. Although it was a little hectic, it was so great that Maiya got to meet so many of her daddy's relatives. She is the first baby in the family in many years on both sides of Tony's family, so Maiya was a big hit. To our amazement, we discovered that Maiya LOVES dogs as she threw back her head and laughed hysterically whenever she saw Bobby, Anthony (the dog), Avy, Sadie and Dusty. Ok, I'm working on puting up more photos from the trip on to the Kuida-Osumi website in the next few days.

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