Monday, July 25, 2005

The Good Girl

People often tell us, "Oh, Maiya's such a good girl. I've never seen her cry!"

People, she cries. She gets fussy. She whines. While we're lucky to have a relatively easygoing baby who has a high tolerance for wet diapers, she is a baby, and they do cry. The term "crybaby" didn't come from no where. Crying is how babies communicate. But not crying doesn't make her good, just as crying doesn't make her bad. So, for those who've never seen Maiya cry, here's one of my favorite pictures of her "communicating" with us.

The Good Communicator


Sao said...

Love the picture!!

mamalife said...

awwww... poor unhappy girl!! and i LOVE and TOTALLY AGREE with your comment that not crying does not make a baby good just as crying does not make a baby bad!!!!