Saturday, July 23, 2005

Photo picks for today

Here's Maiya with her daddy. She looks so happy. I love her in the beret, it's so cosmopolitan. Sometimes we just play with her and laugh, all three of us together. It's so sweet.

Here's me and Maiya at Artwallah, the South Asian arts festival a few weeks ago. Maiya went to her first hip hop concert to see our friend Luke from The Aesthetics Crew at Barnsdall Park. I got some Indian food and Maiya stuck her hand in my plate.

Ok, well, the 2 blogs a day continues... is anybody out there? I wish more folks would leave a comment--it's fun to know who's reading. I remember when Tish did like 100 blogs in one day. Maybe one day when I'm home and have nothing to do, I will try to do like one blog an hour for one day. Yeah, right.


z said...

I'm sorry! I would've left a comment if I'd read over the weekend!! I'm here!

mikazuko said...

I love the short haircut! Good job on the blogging twice a day! I should learn by your example. ;)