Thursday, July 21, 2005

Go jump in a lake!

Maiya and I just got back a few hours ago from a quick 2-day trip to Lake N. Our first little vacation together. We drove up Tuesday morning with my mom and dad. My sister Gayle (her two kids), and her sister in law Heidi (and her 2 kids) are staying there for 3 weeks. We mostly hung out lazing on the dock, went for a few boat rides, ate junk food (me, not Maiya), watched the kids play. I got to watch my 4 year old nephew Kieth water ski from the back of the boat. Very fun--and a little crazed with 5 kiddies ranging from 5 1/2 months to 4 years old.

It was hot hot hot! When it got too hot, we jumped in the lake. We put Maiya in a life jacket and she was very relaxed and happy in the water. She even fell asleep floating on the lake. It was so cute.

I thought Tony was going to be working on the mural, but he was only able to pick up a few panels. Instead, Tony was "home relaxing," he says, and I'll quote him verbatim, "with no responsibilities, living the celibate bachelor life, sleeping in, cooking what I wanted, staying up late, leaving the toilet seat up, getting in the car without putting the baby seat in, watching the DVDs I wanted, ebaying and craig's listing." He said he was kind of scared being alone. After watching "Dawn of the Dead," he was kind of jumpy. Hahahaha.

More pictures of our vacation to follow on the main website, once I get them sorted out.

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