Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Obon Season starts at Senshin!

Kuida-Osumi at the Senshin Obon
We took Maiya to her first Obon at Senshin on July 2nd. When we got there, Tony made a beeline for the chili rice booth, said hi to Tad and then stopped off for a shave ice (snow cone).
He was carrying Maiya in the New Native Carrier.
We visited with many friends, took a lot of pictures. With Sam (4 weeks older) and Nobuko.

Happy dancing girl

Tony and I danced with Maiya a bit. I followed along, taking pictures. Maiya loved it. She was laughing and giggling as we danced. She was mesmerized by the lights and the lanterns with the strips of papers in honor of those who have passed away. Even if her parents don't know the dances, I have a vision of my girl dancing in her yukata or hapi coat. But first, she has to learn to roll over, sit, crawl, walk. And then, she will dance!


mamalife said...

What a sweet smile your girl has... she looks so happy.

cmhl said...

she is beautiful!! enjoyed your blog.

Gary m said...

I can't wait til she knows Tanko Bushi. She looks sooo hapi. (^o^)

Tony said...

She's happy, hapi, hapa!