Sunday, July 24, 2005

Updating Today's To Dos

* Book flight to Idaho/Washington - ALMOST DONE. Spent 3 hours researching flights, rental cars and figuring out itinerary for upcoming trip. Tony is going to be driving up to Washington with his dad and Uncle Bill to visit the families of Tony's grandfather. Maiya and I will be flying (her first airplane ride!) up and meeting them in Washington, and then we will also be visiting Tony's mom and husband Don, Aunt Jenner and Aunt Liz' families in Idaho.
* Pay July bills - DONE. Wrote 10 checks and renewed my subscription to Mothering, the magazine for natural family living.
* Do dishes - DONE. But there will be more tomorrow, and the day after that, and so on, and so on...
* Do laundry (3 loads waiting) - PARTIALLY DONE. 1 dark load washed, dried, but still needs to be folded. 2 more loads still waiting. Will do tomorrow.
* Work out at Y - DONE. When me and Maiya started the swim class at the Y last month, we joined as family members. Tony and I have been going a few times a week to work out at the gym. Maiya goes to free, onsite childcare. Today I did 35 minutes of cardio on the recumbent bike, treadmill and elliptical, and stretched for 20 minutes. Then, I went to Empanadas Place and got 4 empanadas to go.
* Higashi Obon - DONE. Ayako, Maiya and I went to see Bombu Taiko (I took a beginner taiko class in 2003 and played in the obon 2 years ago). Anyways, we had somen, visited with friends, went to the bake sale, the farmer's market (I bought 5 zucchinis and one melon for $1, and a plumeria for $15). Since Ayako and I went last year together, we decided to make it an annual thing.

Carrie, Maiya, Ayako and Kathy at Higashi Obon

* RSVP for Warren Furutani fundraiser - DONE. Check is in the mail. Help send Warren to Sacramento. He's running for a California State Assembly seat representing the 55th District next Spring. I volunteered on Warren's LAUSD School Board re-election and his run for City Council many years ago. It was my first experience with phone banking and precinct walking. i've known Warren for many years and I can see he's a nice guy, an excellent advocate. Let me know if you're interested in making a contribution to his campaign.
* Friends to schedule visits with: Alyce & Minna, Peg, Beth's family, Ayako - PARTLY DONE. See Higashi Obon above re: Ayako.

Feeling good about today's accomplishments. More work to be done on the list!


Lane-Lu Homepage said...

Hi Jenni, You probably dont know me. I worked with Tony with A3m when he was in charge of it. I was also part of APAN-JACL when Mark Jue was part of it. I saw you last night with Maiya, when I was working the Tic Tac Toe game booth with my wife Phuong. I recognized you from reading your blog for a while now. Maiya was so cute. Looked like she was enjoying our Taiko group performance. I have been a member of Higashi since i was 16. Just wanted to say Hi, and I hope you enjoyed the Higashi Obon. Say Hi to Tony for me.

Jeff Lane

Yuko said...

Hmmmm... Does Maiya's outfit look familiar? (*^-^*) I've been away too long again, it seems. I loved catching up. I miss obons!

Jenni said...

Hi Jeff - I go to Higashi's obon almost every year. It's one of my favorites. I do remember you from APAN, I was a member for many years.

Hi Yuko!!!! Yes, the outfit is adorable! Thank you so much! It is big--big enough that I think she'll be able to wear it next year, but the pants will probably be shorts!