Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jenni's To Do List

This morning as I was lying in bed, I was thinking of what I would write for today's blog entries. But there are all these things I need to do that are probably more pressing and are scattered and wandering around my head, so I thought I'd write them down. They are not prioritized, but they probably need to be.

* Book flight to Idaho/Washington - TODAY
* Pay July bills - TODAY
* Finish assembling taxes - TODAY
* Do dishes - TODAY
* Do laundry (3 loads waiting) - TODAY
* Work out at Y - TODAY
* Higashi Obon - TONIGHT??
* RSVP for Warren Furutani fundraiser (LAST FRIDAY)
* Buy stamps online
* Order bigger diapers and covers for Maiya from Dydee
* Make appt with accountant
* Buy Mother's Milk organic tea
* Make appt with lactation consultant
* Make Maiya's 6 month checkup appt
* Confirm dinner with Jackie & Maria next week
* Order tix for August Wilson play Radio Golf
* Make deposit
* Balance bank statements
* Sweep/clean hardwood floors
* Wash sheets
* Mop kitchen floor
* Clean new kitchen table
* Clean bathtub, sink and floor in bathroom
* List and send thank you notes for recent baby gifts
* Set up Maiya's college fund
* Get Maiya's birth certificate
* Switch washer and dryer locations
* Develop photos from trip to lake and July photos
* Organize Maiya's photo album (huge project)
* Write Maiya's birth story and name story
* Burn Maiya's photos to CDs
* Upload Maiya's birth pictures to website
* Organize July photos for website
* Set up meeting wtih Juliet for Manzanar web updates
* Friends to schedule visits with: Alyce & Minna, Peg, Beth's family, Ayako, phloe
* Organize Maiya's closet
* Find and take a baby CPR class
* Check out local Mom's club
* Organize and prioritize this list


mamalife said...

PHEW - I'm worn out just READING your to-do list!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenni, after reading your email times 2:16 AM 7/25, I will quess you have been very busy today working on your list
Maiya's Idaho Grandma