Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seeing Friends at Senshin Obon

The Senshin Obon is one of my favorites because we see so many friends. People from the community, friends we went to Cuba with, friends, artists and activists that we like to hang around with. This first photo is a collection of those friends.

Here is Maiya with Asiyah, Nobuko's granddaughter, visiting for the summer from Michigan. She was a pretty good dancer! I was inspired to find someone to teach Maiya the dances, and I think I'd like to finally learn myself.

It was also funny because Maiya is now going to events and people who I don't know, seem to know her! These young college-age type folks said, "Hi Maiya!" It turns out that they're active in J-town Voice! and have seen her at meetings when she's gone with Tony. She also saw Ms. Susan and Ms. Elaine, teachers from her preschool, dancing in yukata and kimono, and she was very happy/surprised to see them. Here she is, playing on the ground with Sam (son of friends Rich & Joyce), who is 1 month older than her, and who we see every year at Obon.

I do love this photo. They were dancing together and having a great time.

Next week will be the Nishi Obon... Maiya will be singing onstage on Saturday, and I'll be working the Snow Cone booth for the preschool on Sunday.

P.S. What do you think about our new look? Please let us know! We may be tweaking some more...

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