Saturday, July 05, 2008

Before & After

So, last Saturday afternoon I said to Maiya on a whim, "Hey shall we go get our hair cut today?" To my surprise she said, "Sure!" I have been asking her every now and then for the last year and the answer was always no. But my hair was beginning to drive me crazy so I thought, "Let's go get 'mother-daughter' haircuts." So, I grabbed my wallet and we walked down the street to Fantastic Sams. About 20 minutes after we got there, we were finished.

One thing that I need to remember next time are to make sure to tell the ladies in advance that we don't want a lollipop for the child as a treat for being "good." We don't give treats, especially sugar ones, as a reward for behavior. I didn't expect her to get upset because we waited until she was ready to make the decision to go herself, but it WAS her FIRST haircut (besides the 2 times I've cut her bangs--once a few weeks ago, and once about 3-4 months ago). Anyways, she was very fine, a little shy, but no problems with a strange lady coming towards her face with scissors. She looked like she enjoyed sitting next to me and having them give her special attention.

So, here's Maiya's before and after pictures:
The "After" pictures are without a shampoo, so we both look a little choppy. Also, a funny thing is that most people don't notice my haircut (except for people at work who see me every day), but practically everyone notices Maiya's. They said something about it being her baby hair. So now, I'm wondering if evening out the 2 layers (outside long, inside short), will help it to grow faster and thicker. Anyways, here's Mommy's before & after pictures, the "behind" shots were taken by Maiya herself:

By the way, I just noticed that we haven't had any comments for almost 2 months. Is anyone out there reading? Or is everyone on summer vacation or just checked out? Ok, over and out. Peace, y'all.


z. said...

I'm here & reading! You both look great with your new 'dos. :)

Jeff Lane said...

Hi, I am here too. I still need to catch up on my reading. I used to check your blog a few times a week. Nice hair Cuts too.

astrobuddha said...

summer is a busy time... but i do occasionally check in to your blog.

yam said...

sorry! i've been really poor at blogging myself, as well as reading everyone else's blogs. and besides, i usually read via an RSS feed, so i don't see the actually blog pages anyway. (does that make any sense?) keep up the good work jenni!