Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nishi Obon weekend

This year was me and Maiya's first time to the Nishi Obon. Tony went years ago to help set up when he worked at A3M. Maiya's preschool class sang some songs and the older girls did some very cute odori dancing on the entertainment stage. Tony and Uncle Bill went to Far East Cafe earlier for lunch, and then Maiya and I stopped at JANM for about 10 minutes and saw as she calls him "Manju Man" do a quick demo and then we got to decorate a kiddie apron for Maiya. We got to Nishi, just in time, the kids were already on stage taking pictures.

In addition to Uncle Bill, Grandma Machi and Grandpa Walt also came to see Maiya's class sing. Here she is finagling Grandma Machi into another "everyone wins" game that I had already done with her. We also went on Sunday, as I took a shift at the Snow Cone booth. From now on, whenever I buy snow cones, I will try to have exact change ready, and know my order when my turn comes, especially when there is a long line of people waiting for their shave ice.

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