Monday, July 28, 2008

My Name is...

Ok, please indulge me for a proud parent moment that I have to share. Maiya wrote her name, for the first time last week!

Tony's dad has been in the hospital, so we had asked her if she wanted to make Grandpa L. a drawing. She did, on a small piece of paper, and afterwards she turned it over and was busy at work. She looked up and said, "I am writing my name." Huh? Both Tony and I peered over to look at what she was doing and she had written a teeny tiny little perfect M. "Ohhhh!!" we said as we looked at each other with our eyes big with surprise. I knew she could do an M, and I have seen her do T's and P's, but until now, to our knowledge, she has only ever traced her name at preschool. And so we sat back and waited quietly and patiently for the rest, without our help. One letter at a time, and with as much concentration, she looked up when she finished and said, "Maiya. M. a. Biiig Y. a."

Yes, my sweet little big girl, growing up way too fast. You wrote your name.


yam said...

Congrats on the BIG accomplishment, Maiya!

Anonymous said...

i've really been enjoying your posts. i told my friend about the yogurt cups and she was bummed because they buy yoplait and those containers aren't very stackable. i'll tell her about the crayons too.

i hope tony's dad is doing better.