Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goofing Around at Venice Obon

It seems it's been a long time since we went to the Venice Obon, having been to 2 more this past weekend. We went with Mike, Laura, Amani & Leela.

THE FOOD: We were pretty hungry. Most of the food was ok to me, although our friend Scott who grew up there said that yeah, the snow cones are a problem (hard ice), but that they have the best teriyaki chicken anywhere. And pretty much everyone tells me not to get the chili rice anywhere since it's canned (although let me know if you know of one that is homemade and I'm there), but it's obon, and that's what I do, eat chili rice. And the won tons were pretty tasty, but needed more salt. Tony said that the udon was really tasty. Maiya had a hot dog, and we both had corn.

THE GAMES: For Maiya these days, it's ALL about the snowcones and the game prizes. She actually gets mad if it's a game you actually have to win, much preferring the "everybody wins something" games. Although I'm going to start checking in advance if the prize in those games are candy. Anyways, right off the bat she won this rainbow slinky, but of course you know they had to stretch it, fight over it and get it all twisted up before the night was even over.

THE DANCING: We did enjoy the dancing for a bit. Lily, Kent, Lisa, Kai, Miya, Julie & Matt were there, watching the dancing, camped out with their blanket, cooler and beach chairs. We joined in the Tokyo Ondo (I think that's what it's called.) For once I felt like I was able to keep up, and not feel like an utter fool. For me, it's good to watch the good, casual dancers. Sometimes it's easier to follow and less demoralizing to follow the non-professionals in happi coats and t-shirts, rather than the graceful ones in kimonos. Maiya and Amani were running around and getting in the dancers' ways, so I had to multi-task trying to keep up, and also shepherding them back into the right line. After one dance, it was time to get the kiddies home.

Ok, getting late. Time to go.

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