Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun with Yogurt Cups

When Maiya was a baby, I started saving yogurt cups, choosing to re-use, before recycling them. Before long, we had a bunch of them. They provided her with hours of fun. We also use them in the bathtub every night. Here's Maiya at 20 months with pyramid yogurt cups.

In 2007, cousin Kieth (5) is measuring the height of the stacked cups with Maiya (2 1/2) and cousin Kyle's (4) help.

A few weeks ago, we tried lining them up along the pattern of our living room rug while watching "Be Kind, Rewind," which was a pretty great movie, by the way.

Then, her anal mother decided to sort them by type, partly because I'm into stupid, meaningless, time-wasting tasks, and also I wanted to see what yogurt flavors are our family's favorites. In my defense, I'm also developing Maiya's "emerging math" skills, which includes sorting, classifying and stacking.

Anyways, in first place was blueberry, followed by peach, then strawberry, vanilla bean, raspberry, lemon, passion fruit, lime, cherry and finally, maple. I was surprised because there is only 1 cherry, and cherry is one of Tony's favorite flavors. But he explained it's because Trader Joe's doesn't carry cherry, and we usually get our yogurt at Trader Joe's.

Here we are doing our pyramid stack. Whenever Kyle comes over, he asks to play with the yogurt cups. This little video is funny because after they fell, my brother Darin said something about Maiya knocking over the cups, but when we viewed the video, it turned out that he was actually the last one to touch them.

Ok, well it's getting late. I don't know what the hell I am doing up writing about yogurt cups at 1 am.

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