Saturday, May 28, 2005

Spitting Image

Maiya, 3 months

Jenni, 3 months (taken 40 years minus 1 day before Maiya's birth)

Tony, approximately 3-6 months is our guess

The picture of Maiya with the giraffe is my current favorite photo (top image). I think because she is just so darn cute when her head is up and she's all looking around. People keep telling me that Maiya looks like me. I thought I saw a resemblance, but actually, I think she looks like my brother Darin did when he was a baby. But when I saw this photo of myself at 3 months (middle image), the same age Maiya is in the photo with the giraffe, I was amazed! She really does look like me. As she gets older, I think she starts to look a little more like Tony (bottom image), especially in the eyes. What do you think?

P.S. To Bubbe Fran: Do you recall how old Tony was in his baby picture?
P.P.S. Maiya now has her own webpage which includes her photo album, Maiya's Home.

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Anonymous said...

Tony was three months old in that picture.
Bubbe Fran