Friday, May 20, 2005

Jenni's Movie Reviews

Somehow I've been watching more DVDs lately. Because of the whole Netflix and internet downloading of movies off the internet, business at our local mom and pop video store has declined. As a result, you can now get 2 movies for the price of 1. For the new releases, it's $1.50 per movie for new releases, including tax. Can't beat that. Here are some of the movies we've seen in the last few weeks. And I will go with my same star rating from January where 1* is worst, and 4**** is best.

Wicker Park **** - This one I loved. It was confusing, but it was the kind of edge of your seat, what the heck is going on, i'm totally into it. If you watch the special features, you learn that the director wanted it to be confusing. You have to really focus to get the story. Really good movie!! It was the first movie I've seen with Josh Hartnett, and I have to say, I really liked him.

A Day Without a Mexican ** - It was ok. I was hoping to like it more. Really good message politically, but kind of slow. Pace was a bit off. I liked that 2 people I know were in the movie. Shishir is a Great Leap artist, and the other is the husband/actor of my friend Cynthia, who is the Executive Director of The HeArt Project, who runs a great arts education nonprofit for continuation school teens.

Napoleon Dynamite * - Really coudn't get into it. Tony loved it, laughing throughout. But I just didn't get it, the geek factor was high. I was more interested in my dumb People magazine and folding laundry.

Shall We Dance?*** - I knew it would be corny, but I cried! Since the 70s, Richard Gere has always had it going on. J-Lo is hot. I always like her in movies so much more than I do when she's being herself. All of the dancing is real. Impressive. I know I loved the Japanese version, and I know people say this wasn't as good, but I liked it.

Supersize Me**** - Loved it. Great documentary. Funny. I loved watching the diary moments from the guy who ate a high fat diet of McDonalds for 30 days, and almost caused irreversable liver damage to himself. Got a little slow in some places when it wasn't about him. But the stuff about the corporatization of school lunches, the high-stakes testing which causes schools to abandon PE, and the amount of advertising dollars that goes into the fast-food industry was awesome.

I Heart Huckabees* - What. The. Heck? I so did not get this one. Tuned out. Left the room. And I love Dustin Hoffman but pul-eeze. I am not a Jude Law or Naomi Watts fan. At all.

Moonlight Mile*** - Another movie with Susan Sarandon as the wife. She's great in this movie, as is Dustin Hoffman. I enjoyed this movie about a guy whose fiancee is killed. He is living with secrets and with his future-in-laws-to-be-but-not-to-be.

Garden State*** - I liked this one a lot. As with most DVDs, I watced it twice to get the director's comments, which I love to do. It was sweet and I loved Natalie Portman's character. Very spunky and goofy. I like how it seemed slow, but then you get all sucked into it. Kind of like Moonlight Mile. ADDED LATER AFTER REALIZING I FORGOT IT!!

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