Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy Four Month Birth Day!

Four. Months. Old. Already. Seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to Maiya Grace. I just want to hug and kiss her when I see this picture which was taken a few weeks ago.

Milestones? Hmm. Maiya continues to grow and thrive. She lifts her head better and for longer stretches of time. She has found her voice. When she drops a toy, she will let us know. When you walk away and/or she wants to be carried, she will let us know. She is not shy about communicating her needs, especially when she is hungry, which is about every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours during the daytime. She lets us sleep all night almost every night, but makes up for it by being very active during the day. She is showing more interest in what we are eating and what we are doing. She is not particularly fond of the car seat, although on Sunday, when we drove up to Grandpa Larry's house near Big Bear, she slept the entire way there. Coming home was another story. She loves going for walks in the afternoons with her mama. She smiles every time we pass a mirror, so I make sure to stop at mirrors all the time.

I am working on Maiya's photos for May. I have put up a new page of photos belatedly--new">April's First Fotos. You gotta check them out. They're just so cute.


z said...

Oh that baby's cute!! Happy four months!

mamalife said...

What a beautiful girl!!