Monday, May 23, 2005

Tricks are for Kids

Maiya's learning new tricks every day.

Lately, Maiya likes to kick off. On your lap, wherever she can be propped up with her legs dancing around on a solid surface. She likes to be upright and she likes to be entertained. Put her down and you will hear from her immediately.

She has also learned (or maybe it's just innate) how to drool over every thing and every one. When she's "flying" on our legs or knees, she can drool in your face or in your mouth if you're not careful.

Yesterday morning, she was on the bed, face up, kind of propped up on a pillow. I was next to her and was reading a book. I saw her lift her head off the pillow, while lifting her legs about 5 inches off the bed. The girl is a yoga baby. A few seconds later, I looked at her, and she had flipped around, moved her body 90 degrees to the right and was face down on the bed. Ackk! But no worries, although she was face down, I watched her lift her head up and push up with her arms and look around. So cute!

Maiya's new sounds this week are "en-gah," and "heh-heh-haaaaa!" Just now, she sighed and said, "egggh, ahhh." Also new this week are smacking her lips together and making sucking noises. With or without her hand in her mouth. With or without my arm in sucking range.

So goes life at the Kuida-Osumi household. Besides that, what else matters? You don't want to hear about my eye infection or my wrist pain, right? Or about the 6 loads of laundry since Thursday. Stay tuned for more about Maiya next time!!

P.S. Actually, on a more serious note, I can think of something else that matters. How about signing the NO STARBUCKS IN THE SAN FRANCISCO JAPANTOWN petition? A Starbucks in the SF Japantown will compete with long-standing neighborhood businesses that sell coffee such as Benkyodo (100 years), May's Coffee Shop (33 years old), and Café Hana (17 years). According to the Starbucks website there are already 55 Starbucks within a two-mile radius of the proposed site in one of the three remaining Japantowns left in the entire United States.

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mamalife said...

WOW!!! That's a LOT of Starbucks in a small area!!! Here it is Walgreens pharmacy on every corner... guess it reflects our huge elderly population. I have to admit I am a Starbucks addict. Currently I am hooked on their mocha mint. But we don't have lots of Starbucks around here, or many local independent coffee houses either.