Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Social Butterflies

Me & My Gal

Gosh, whatever happened to the days of posting to the main website every 2-3 days? Been busy, I suppose. I've been meaning to put up April's Foto Firsts--but just haven't gotten around to them.

Maiya and I have been out and about, going walking just about every day in the neighborhood. Sometimes we go to lunch just the two of us, and run errands in the stroller, or in the Baby Bjorn carrier. Sometimes we have lunch with people like Auntie Keiko, Lisa with Kai & Miya, Laura with Amani, Gayle with Kaylee & Kieth. The other day, we walked over to Lianne's house about 6 blocks away. We've gone to 3 meetings at Great Leap in the last 3 weeks. We had dinner with Lily on Friday night at CPK, and I'm having dinner with Maria this week for her birthday. Me & Maiya went to two parties, one for Kieth & Kaylee's birthdays, and another for the Ayala's 40th wedding anniversary.

In the meantime, I did 9 loads of laundry in 9 days. I've been trying to do the dishes every day. Now that my hair is falling out in big clumps, I am sweeping our hardwood floors every day.

The good news for today, is that it looks like we have a new mayor in town. Yea for Villaraigosa!!


mamalife said...

I remember my hair falling out in clumps - ugh! I called my hairdresser (whom I've gone to for 10 years and who had a baby 6 months before me)in a panic one day SURE I was going bald... she assured me I would not lose every last hair on my head!! I heard about your new mayor on NPR while driving to work this am. Now if we could only get rid of your governor!!

mikazuko said...


I love this picture of you and your Maiya. It's so soft and you both look so happy!