Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Spring CicLAvia with the KOs

On a Sunday morning in April, they shut down about 7 1/2 miles of LA streets for people to walk, ride, scoot, push a stroller, or whatever at the 2nd CicLAvia.  What a great sense of community.  So of course, we went to J-town.  I realized though, that it was Maiya's first bike ride not around the block, so the going was slow.  I had thoughts we might go across the 1st Street Bridge, but with me on Tony's folding bike, possibly the first time since I did the 20+ mile Bike Marathon a few years ago, and Maiya on training wheels, it wasn't going to happen.  We only went a few blocks, but we made a lot of stops. What a fun day it was.  I loved being able to ride bikes down First Street in Little Tokyo with my family.

Love this picture.  Corner of 3rd & San Pedro St.
Tony and Maiya at the J-town Mural
Thousands passed Tony's mural "Home is Little Tokyo" 
Bumped into Mike in front of Far East Cafe
DREAM ACTivists getting the message out & representing.
Community, exercise and family time, love it.
Community, exercise, family time & JA history.
Toyo Miyatake plaque at the Sakura Crossing in Jtown
"so this kind of injustice never happens again!" - Toyo Miyatake

This was our first of hopefully many CicLAvia's.  Somehow I just deleted a few photos I wanted to share, one of us in Fugetsu-do ordering manjuu for the road.  Well, there's NaBloPoMo#8.  Peace. Cycle. Out.

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