Thursday, November 03, 2011

January 2011 in a Nutshell

I don't know if anyone who is taking the time to read my NaBloPoMo cares about me documenting the year, but we have so many photos, I feel the urge to catch up on highlights of this year so far.
Annual New Year's Day Family photo at my Uncle's house in Boyle Heights
I caught Maiya and Rockett giving kisses at our friend Evelyn's annual Oshogatsu.
Maiya lost her first tooth on New Year's night,
 shortly after coming home from Evelyn's party.
We went to La Brea Tarpits for family time.
The following week, we went to the LA Zoo.  See giraffe.
Kids in Maiya's class at Mochitzuki pounding steamed rice.  
Do you want some of my mochi?
Maiya at Nihon Buyo (Japanese folk dance) class at school. 
We celebrated my nephew Kevin and my mom's Bday at the same time.
We surprised mom by inviting Cathy, our neighbor from the Valley,
who babysat me when I was a baby (reconnected on FB).  
Maiya and friend Devin pictured in front of Tony's dad's Miata, sold to Devin's dad.
We sold  3 old cars (1991, 1992, 1993), for 2 newer used cars (2001, 2007).  

And that is January in a nutshell.  From it, I hope you can glean that family is important, family time together is important, that things are changing (losing teeth, kissing boys (oy!) updating cars), that Japanese and Japanese American culture are important values for us to pass on to Maiya, and that we're lucky she's in a language immersion school that incorporates those values into its curriculum.

Peace. Out. (NaBloPoMO#3)

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Ayako said...

Cool recaps! Yes, I care! Please keep them up - 10 more months! But maybe you should have done half-months, so you'll have ready-made posts for most of the month! Hahahah! Just kidding, I know you'll have plenty to write. I almost didn't make it before midnight today but still going, Day 5! See you tomorrow morning!