Sunday, November 06, 2011

Baby Evan

Tony's friend Hector's & his wife Erika had their baby on April 1st.  Here are some pictures of the baby gift bag decorated by Maiya, and the day Baby Evan came home from the hospital when he was 2 days old.  It was nice to hold a newborn baby in my arms.  Got that awwwww feeling.  Although I love that baby period, if anything, I wish we had had a 2nd sooner, and wish that we had started earlier.  Anyways, water under the bridge.  Even though Maiya always reminds me that she wishes she had a brother or a sister so she would have a built in playmate, there's a lot of things to like about only having one kid.  
NaBloPoMo#6.  Peace. Gaga goo goo.  Out.

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