Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Winding Down November

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've blogged. November has been a blur in some ways, and we've had lots of changes this month. I started working part-time, as the Admin Director of the childcare programs for Little Tokyo Service Center CDC. I am in charge of the fiscal operations of an infant/toddler center, a preschool in Angelina Heights (near Echo Park), a family literacy program, and a network of home family childcare providers. The preschool and childcare programs serve almost 200 children a day, the majority of which are eligible for free or very affordable childcare, and includes free ESL classes, computer classes and parenting education classes. I am still volunteering once a week at Great Leap.

Maiya started child care when I started my new job. She got the croup after the first week, and with 3 holidays in November, she hasn't been there a whole lot. Lately, she cries when I leave, but the great part is that I am able to nurse her 4 times throughout the day, before and after work, mid-morning and afternoon. Maiya's primary caregiver feeds her lunch, which I bring for her. She is "learning" how to sleep in a crib, which I really had my doubts about. And, when I went to pick her up yesterday, she was playing the tambourine and having a great time.

Maiya with cousin Tina on Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving, we went to Tony's aunt and uncle's house. Tony made 5 dozen deviled eggs, and they were delicious. Afterwards we went to Juana & Francisco's house at played Lotteria and had dessert (although I think Tony might have had another plate of turkey).

Wilbur and Mary, the happy couple

Also this weekend, we went to our friend Wilbur and Mary' s wedding reception. It was so touching--Mitsuye Yamada, known for camp poetry, wrote a poem for them about how they bring hope for us that love can come again, even when you're in your 70s! They had a great slide show. My favorite part was that they went to the same high school and same graduating class at Dorsey High (Class of 47), and they both were at UCLA at the same time, but didn't get married until almost 60 years later. I found myself a bit emotional and so happy for the newlyweds!

Finally, congrats to my cousin's daughter Jen, who also got married this weekend!!! (Jackie, send me a picture and I'll put it up!)

When next you hear from me, it'll be December!

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