Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Baby's First Halloween

Got sushi?

Mama and her sushi chef

I have to admit, I've never been much for costumes. They're usually kind of last-minute, and lame. This year, Maiya's first Halloween was no exception. I got home from some meetings downtown after 7pm, and while Tony made dinner and passed out candy, I threw together a pretty quick sushi chef costume with a hapi coat, shamoji (rice paddle) and yes, those are my childbirth delivery hospital panties on her head as a hachimaki. A few people asked if HE was a samurai, and only one person figured out SHE was supposed to be a sushi chef. I would probably have guessed wrong myself. We went to about 10 houses on our block, and on the block behind us. It was more about introducing ourselves to the neighbors. Next year, I promise to start thinking about costumes a little earlier.

Grandma teaching Maiya how to clap

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