Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Update

SATURDAY: On Saturday morning, we had to go take care of the van. The battery died and wouldn't hold a charge (we jumped it 4 times), so Tony went to get a new one and installed it himself. Then, I went to get gas, and like a woman with too many things on her mind, I left the gas cap on the trunk (where I have put it for the last 25 years without incident) and drove away with the door to the gas tank wide open. I went back to search for it, but no dice. Tony went and bought me a replacement for $12. So, even though Costco gas was cheap ($2.54 would be relatively cheap), I ended up spending $20 for gas and $12 for a gas cap.

Saturday afternoon, Maiya and I went to my cousin Rev. Marlon's church's 70th anniversary. We were late, but did get to enjoy a delicious bento lunch, and an awesome taiko performance. They also were celebrating the expansion of their sanctuary in his home church.

Finally, The Triangle Project is over! I've been "working" with Great Leap for the last few months trying to help get this performance together, mostly working on publicity and ticket sales. For a "stay-at-home-mom," I have been going into the office about twice a week, and actually with email and cell phones, I have been "working" just about 7 days a week. So, I'm pleased to report that the show went very well on Saturday night. It was great to finally see the result of the work of these 3 phenomenal women, Nobuko, PJ & Yoko. We brought Maiya to the show. She wasn't noisy per se, but she was especially squirmy, twisting in my arms and going in circles, as she has been doing more and more lately. She lasted the first two songs, and then Tony spent the rest of the show out in the lobby, watching from the monitors with 2 other dads (including Rich & Joyce's baby Sam) and their kiddies. I came out halfway through the second act and nursed her to sleep, and then turned her back over to Tony and went in to see the closing piece/peace.

SUNDAY: Sunday was my last day as a "stay-at-home-mom," and I did anything but stay at home. I went out shopping at AnnTaylor for clothes and a smaller bra (I have lost all my pregnancy weight, plus an additional 20 pounds below that), since none of my clothes fit me anymore. In the meantime, Tony and Maiya went to TJoe's and WholeFoods to do some grocery shopping. I also ran a bunch of errands at Costco and the neighborhood health food store to pick up supplies. Then last night, Tony wanted to do some furniture re-arranging again. We change our furniture around about every 3-4 weeks. I kid you not. People who are frequent visitors to our home know to expect that nothing will be as it was the last time they came.

Well that's it for the weekend. Next post I will talk about my new job, my earlier than expected return to work... and Maiya's first experiences with childcare.

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mamalife said...

Oh, I'm so jealous you skinny woman you... I can't seem to lose my 10 pounds of baby weight and have another 10 I'd like to lose beyond that!