Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Checking in @ 9 Mos.

Who's the pretty girl in the mirror, now?

Things Maiya does at 9 months:
* babbles all the time
* squeals and screams with delight
* claps her hands
* crawls very fast
* cruises on the furniture
* pulls herself to standing
* stands on tippy toes and does pull ups on the dresser, changing table, etc.
* can sit down or get down from standing position
* can stand upright (one hand holding onto something)
* climbs up our body when being held (legs on belly, then chest)
* still nurses about every 60-90 minutes during the day
* is eating two meals a day (organic baby food, or homemade foods)
* eats everything we offer her (fruits, veggies, grains)
* started eating some table foods (no crackers, cookies, dairy, meat or juices)
* drinks water from a sippy cup
* grabs for regular cups and bites down on the cup
* feeds herself
* sleeps about 9-11 hours at night, waking 1-3 times a night
* takes 1-3 naps a day (lasting 15-30 minutes, with the occasional 1-2 hour nap)
* just started taking baths with mama and enjoying bath toys
* turns the pages of her board books
* puts her hands all over the TV screen
* waves and twists her hand in the air
* eats the edges of her board books

Things Maiya loves:
* dogs (they make her soooo happy!)
* when we say, "what does a dog say," or cat or most any animal
* looking at herself in the mirror
* kisses on her belly, neck and face
* being in the sling going anywhere
* dancing, especially to Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together"
* climbing on the couch (to get to the mirror)
* sleeping in our arms
* going out into the front or backyard

Things Maiya does not like:
* diaper changes
* when i put my finger in her mouth to retrieve all the "no-no" items ***
* getting her face wiped
* snot removal
* being put down in the crib (not a big fan of the pack n/play, saucer or stroller)
* being put on her back when she's playing or focusing on anything
* disposable diapers (she knows they're bad for the environment)
* having her nails cut
* when we hold her legs (to keep her from crawling into danger)

Ways Maiya melts my heart:
* when we lie down and stare in each other's faces
* if i leave the room, she comes looking for me
* when she reaches for me
* when she's laughing and playing with daddy
* when I say, "Give mama a hug" and she clambers over to me

***i have found a thumbtack, tape, leaves, dust, hair and other small objects in her mouth & hands


mamalife said...

Oh, I can't believe she is 9 months old already!!! Sounds like she is doing great!!

peg said...

Wow...Maiya's getting so big! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! =D
LOVE the sushi-chef costume!!! Very original!

Darin K said...

Happy 9 months Maiya and Happy XX birthday sis'!