Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maiya's 5th Bday Party

We had Maiya's 5th birthday party at the same park where Tony & I got married 12 years ago.  
Tony & Maiya on the play structure.  Note that Tony was able to relax and have fun since we ordered the food instead of BBQing.  Maiya spent most of the day with her friends in the playground area.  I barely saw her until cake time.

Speaking of food, we ordered Ono's BBQ Chicken, Mac Salad and Rice, Chinese Chicken Salad from Feast from the East Salad.  Uncle Bill brought chashu, and my mom brought a fruit salad.  Tony put together the appetizers, and I made azuki jello.
Maiya had a full plate of course.  Peanuts were surprisingly a pretty big hit.
Hawaiian Paradise cake from King's Hawaiian in Torrance.
It's all about Maiya, and she loves it.

Craft time!  I had bought foam door hangers and foam sticker stuff at Michael's Crafts the night before.  The kids were really engaged in the making of the door hangers. 

The other crafts were beads.  Not as easy, but some of the kids really enjoyed it.
Katie, Madi and Eddie, our neighbors.
Lily, Lisa, Kai & Miya.  The older kids played catch and other sporty games
while the littler kids played on the playground structures.
Lauren and Lindsey with Maiya.  Lauren and Maiya friends since they were 9 months old.
Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Lily
Saying goodbye to Devin from preschool.  Devin with his Japanese carp kite, pencil and DJ Maiya's music mix CD.  I'll post the playlist someday.

In all, over 40 people came, 19 children including Maiya.  And the nice thing is that we didn't have to really stress out about anything.  It was a lot of work the day before getting the CDs made and picking up the party supplies and crafty stuff, but I think everyone had a nice time.  Well, we did stress out over the possible weather disaster.  There was a big storm the entire week before the party, and even the day before.  But, luck was with us, we had a nice dry, sunny day.  A little chili and a cold breeze in the shade, but couldn't have asked for a sunnier day to celebrate Maiya's 5th bday.

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