Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Valentine's

Maiya designed Valentine's cards for her friends at school.  Unfortunately, we waited until 9pm the night before we needed them, so we were up late addressing envelopes and cutting out hearts with origami paper.  Despite the late start, we had fun making them together.  After Maiya went to sleep, I attached the cards to little flower pots with strawberry seed pods, rather than give candy.

Here is me & Maiya actually on Valentine's Day.  I had bought matching t-shirts for me, Tony & Maiya.  They have a phrase that says "Many Hands Help Lighten the Load," the proceeds of which went to Haiti earthquake relief.  Unfortunately, Tony's didn't fit, but we took some self-pictures wearing the shirt.  
That afternoon, we took Maiya to Uncle Bill's for the afternoon, then went to Toshi Sushi in Jtown for a delicious and healthy lunch date, then to see the "Making of Stand Up for Justice" the film NCRR and VC made about Ralph Lazo in 2004 for high school students, now available with Special Features.  Some of the interviews that Tony and I shot, back in 2002, made it into the DVD, including an interview clip of me dressed as  a 1940s Nisei reminding me of my grandma.


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