Wednesday, February 10, 2010

File Under Bdays Over 90

Sherman Grancell was one of the founders of the law firm that I worked at for 12 years, beginning as a legal secretary in college back in 1985.  Sherman and his wife Sylvia, were among the nicest people I have ever met.  His son Norin was my boss for many years.  He was already retired when I started working in the Inglewood office in 1987, but he still had an office and came in every few weeks.  I never knew how active he was, and still is, at UCLA.  He celebrated his 100th birthday party at UCLA on Sunday. I say file under Bdays over 90, but actually, 2 people I know are now 100 years old.

Here's the article from the UCLA Daily Bruin: Sherman Grancell's love for UCLA still strong at 100 years (Photo Credit: Daily Bruin)

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