Thursday, February 04, 2010

DJ Maiya's Music Mix: Volume 5

DJ Maiya’s second music mix is being released in time for Maiya Grace Kuida-Osumi’s 5th birthday.  This CD is a gathering of some of Maiya’s favorite songs and stories.  As you will see, her interests are an eclectic mix of reggae, kids’ dance music, Japanese stories, really, really rock ‘n roll (a little louder Mommy), songs about animals, and the environment.  Now that she has a little used boom box in her room, she loves selecting and listening to music, an audiophile in the making.  Thanks to Auntie Nobuko for allowing us to include B.Y.O. Chopstix, a new project to be debuted on Earth Day, April 22, 2010.

Free to Be… You and Me                   The New Seekers “Free to Be… You and Me”
Messy World                                     Rachel Bean “Princess Bean’s Messy World”
You Are A Lot Like Me                   Phyllis Chang “Sing and Dance Along”
Story:  Boy Meets Girl                  by Mel Brooks & Marlo Thomas “Free to Be…”
Ziggy Says                                     Ziggy Marley “Family Time”
Family Time                                     Ziggy & Judah Marley “Family Time”
P-L-A-Y                                                       Kids’ Dance Party - Kids’ Party Favorites
Story:  Swimmy                                     by Leo Lionni
Plastico                                                      Willie Colon & Ruben Blades “Siembra”
Banana Pancakes                                     Jack Johnson “In Between Dreams”
Human Nature                                     Joe Reilly “Children of the Earth”
What Makes a Bird a Bird                   Joe Reilly “Children of the Earth”
Story: Tongue-Cut Sparrow                  Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories
Ooki Na Taiko from                                     Let’s Sing!  Japanese Songs for Kids
Musunde, Hiraite                                    Let’s Sing!  Japanese Songs for Kids
Mr. Roboto                                     Styx from Classics Vol. 15
Back in Black                                    AC/DC
B.Y.O. Chopstix                                     Nobuko Miyamoto with Luke Aidge Patterson
Children of the Earth                   Joe Reilly “Children of the Earth”

Jenni, Tony & Maiya                                                                                        
February 2010

(These are just samples.  If you are interested, please google the artists and buy their CDs!

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