Friday, August 07, 2009

WLA Obonalicious

WLA Taiko members range from kids to 70-somethings
Sao... Darin's how's the udon?
Eating shave ice with Grandpa Walt & Uncle Bill
Might be my favorite picture of the summerTrying to take a picture with grandma and grandpa
Hey Kevin.. let's see your face!
Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle
Clap clap... clap

We had a great time at the WLA Obon. Uncle Bill joined us and we arrived just in time for the big dinner crowds. My parents and brother Darin's family and their friends also were there. Food was great and the long lines went pretty fast, but it was just so crowded. Tony & I ate Feast from the East salads, while Maiya had her usual hot dog & shave ice. The shave ice is one of the better ones. Uncle Bill enjoyed the teriyaki chicken. Maiya (and I) probably waited 20 minutes in line for the bouncer. Tony was busy chatting with various friends he hadn't seen in awhile, so there's no pictures of him or me.

Uncle Bill and Tony walked back to Uncle Bill's house, and Maiya and I stayed to dance. The bummer is that by the time we dance, Maiya is usually a little cranky and annoying, but the great thing is that she and I did a lot of dancing this year and we are actually starting to learn the dances! It is fun to be with her and watch her watching others and catching on to the moves, at the same time I am learning. It's fun doing Tampopo, Auntie Nobuko's song. My favorite one is the one with the "sparkle, sparkle, sparkle." Still, some of the dances are too hard and we take a little break.

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chic said...

Wow! Jenni, you guys look awesome. You've done such a lovely job blogging. Great to see your blogs. You give me some idea about how to do this thing. Maiya looks darling.