Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fiesta La Ballona--hot & walkable

We live within walking distance to a lot of different places, including this weekend's Fiesta La Ballona in Culver City, which has been going on since 1951, but we had never been to before. So, Maiya and I walked over in the heat, which according to FB friends was up to 114 around LA this weekend, but it was only in the mid-80s where we were, but still, the 20 minute walk there was hot and Maiya was pretty cranky.
Enjoying the Merry Go Round
(and singing Free to Be You and Me)
Maiya's first time on a Ferris Wheel (she loved it)
View of the Angeles Crest Fire smoke
View of all the carnival rides
View of the vendor and community booths
Maiya coming down the Giant Slide on her back
(we both went twice--the 3rd time she went all by herself)

We stayed several hours, walking around at the info/vendor/food booths, riding the carnival rides, listening to the 60s music on the dance stage, looking at but not playing any of the games (too expensive and then after all the begging and whining I just wasn't going to do it), watching a dance performance of "Glow Girls" and seeing the CC Historical Society exhibit, and more. There was actually a nice cool breeze under the trees watching 4-10 year old girls dancing and performing poetry and movement. We shared a slice of pizza and a lemonade, then later Maiya had a chocolate chip ice cream cone (first one I've ever bought her I think), and then on our way out we shared a strawberry gelato. The walk back home was a whine fest in itself.

Rides (ferris wheel/merry-go-round/slide) $18, food $10, balloon $3, admission free. My recollection might include whining, crankiness, sticky, expensive, painful spider bites, and a long, hot walk, but looking back at the pictures, really what we'll remember is that we had a great time.

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