Friday, August 14, 2009

Kuidas at the Lake

This summer we have gone up to Grandpa Larry's house in the San Bernardino Mountains just about every weekend for at least a day. We have been working on cleaning out the house first with the idea of renting it out as a year round rental, and more recently, we've been enjoying it and pondering the financial possibility of keeping it as a vacation rental. After a few months of work, we finally got the living room looking pretty presentable.
The last Sunday in July, Sao and the Kuida Boyz came up for the day and we spent it at the lake, just 1/2 a mile from Larry's house. These are people you want to have a picnic on the lake with. They brought teriyaki hot dogs, ham & cheese sandwiches, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, umeboshi nigiri, brown rice nigiri, brownies, and lots of other snacks and goodies that I can't think of at this post-midnight moment.Maiya and Kyle creating a lake on a lake, part of Sao & Kyle's pyramids, oasis, and that lion, I forget the name. Sao help me out here.We rented a paddleboard, at $2 for the half hour, you can't beat that. The kids had a great time on them. Mostly we just swam in the lake all day.
Nice family photo of a nice summer day at the lake.
Spaghetti and salad for dinner. We finally got the kitchen table cleared off, this is probably the first meal at this table in years.
Who wants to come join us? We plan to go up on Sunday. A few weekends left before the beach at the lake closes after Labor Day. We'd love to see you up there. It's an hour and a half from our place if ya want to catch a ride.


Janet said...

WE WANT TO GO!!! Should I book a quick flight?!
That really looks like a special place. It would be great if you could hold onto it. Since spending time at Lake Nacimiento, I've always wanted a lake house.

Anonymous said...

OK - I get your hint, only a few more weekends left to go with you. Maybe next weekend?


Jenni said...

janet, i was going to say yes, but then i realized you already started school!!! my summer vacation doesn't even start until next week.
lily, you can come anytime, but if you want to hang at the lake, then you need to come by labor day.

Anonymous said...

Omedeto, it looks Great! Sure wish we could join you guys up there. Maybe we can head up in September or October. Sorry, been a bit busy this summer with lots of family visiting. - kaz