Saturday, March 21, 2009

Manjuu Party - Belated Bday Photos

Well, Maiya's 4th birthday (and my 4 year birthing day anniversary) came and went this year. Her birthday came at a pretty stressful time in February, we actually ran 15 errands that day, because Tony's dad was in the nursing home and doing very badly, and we visited him twice (it was 3 weeks before he passed away), and we were busy working on fixing up the old house for our new tenants (moving in 2 weeks later) and buying things for the new house (which we had been moving into over the previous 3 weekends). And since we just got a new card reader (the old one is missing since the move), I thought I'd finally share the pictures from her birthday celebration.
So, we had a little manjuu party for Maiya at her preschool. They were not encouraging cake or other homemade goodies, so we decided to order manjuu from Fugetsudo on First Street in Little Tokyo. We ordered 50 Korey's Chocolate manjuu, which were actually the best, most freshest ones I've ever eaten (they were made earlier that day), and then since I didn't know if everyone could have chocolate, we got 4 packs of rainbow mochi, which many of the kids actually preferred. I think it was a pretty unique celebration, even for a Buddhist preschool, where the majority of the children are either Japanese, Japanese American, or Hapa.
Singing "Happy Birthday to You"Blowing out the "4" candleEnjoying the presence of Mommy & Daddy at the party4 years, and one day old

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