Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Breakfast

We made our first breakfast in our new house on Saturday for Fran & Don before they went back home to Idaho. I just unpacked the last box for the kitchen this morning. Well, there's about 4-5 more boxes of china cabinet stuff and some of the Japanese dishes, but that's going to have to stay in the garage for awhile. Tonight, Tony made dinner for the first time in the house, and me & Maiya made beet/carrot/orange/apple juice in the juicer with the stuff I got from the Farmer's Market on Tuesday.

And in blogging news, Tony found a cord to upload photos from the camera to the computer. But he didn't upload the 1200 photos in the queue.


heather fish said...

Sounds like you are starting to settle in... still need pics of your new house :)

Jenni said...

Lisa, pics are coming soon. Once we upload them to the computer.