Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Normal ~ jeNNi's daY oFf

Things are starting to get back to normal. If normal can be defined. Yesterday was two weeks since Tony's dad passed away, and we have been in the new house for almost 2 months now. We have made a lot of progress on the house in the last 2 weeks, and finally unpacked about 90% of the kitchen over the last week. Today on my day off, I woke up before the sun and got up on the computer before Maiya woke up. Watched 1/2 hour of the morning news, which I haven't done in months. In our new house, you have to go into the living room to turn on the tv, it's not just passing through from the kitchen out the door anymore.

Took Maiya for her 4 year old doctor's appointment. It should not take 30 minutes (no exaggeration) to find parking. I went up and down the parking structure 3 times and went over to the hospital and after more than 5 minutes, I was still on the main level. We were 20 minutes late, then had to wait over an hour. Maiya did real well with her first vision and hearing tests--I was a proud mama, she read all the letters on the eye chart, and raised her hand when she heard the beeps. Since I delayed and unbundled several immunizations when Maiya was a baby, today we had to catch up on a few. To get the MMR unbundled you have to go to another office and it was closed, so we didn't do them today. Poor thing, she wasn't nervous, but she did cry after the shots.

Afterwards, we went to the library and checked out 8 books. Had to circle that parking lot twice as well. By then, I was tired, so instead of running 2 more errands, we went home and I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tangerines for lunch. I am feeling sad about increasing my work hours to full time after next week. I've really appreciated having a day off each week to take care of stuff and have special time with Maiya. But there's a mortgage, actually two, these days. After lunch, I cleaned up the dishes, and Maiya and I read books and hung out on the couch. I fell asleep for a few minutes before Tony got home. We played hide & seek, and then Tony took Maiya on a bike ride to the park while I went to return some things at Bed Bath & Beyond and went to checkout the neighborhood grocery store.

When I got home, Maiya was over playing with the 3 and 4 year old sisters who live next door, so I walked over to the Farmer's Market and bought some fruits and veggies and cobbler and peanuts, and walked home, total of 30 minutes of walking. Afterwards, we had hot dogs and strawberries for dinner. Maiya fell asleep at the table, so I put her in the bed and straightened up, hopped on the computer until American Idol came on. Fell asleep during AI, but did enjoy a few of the performances.

So that's my day. Maiya woke up crying and with a fever, damn shots, and so we fell asleep watching TV. And now, it's midnight and it's time for bed. Yawn.

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Janet said...

Yet another very busy day in the life of Jenni. And you still had time to blog - thank you! I've missed your posts-