Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nikkei in Cuba

Tony & I were part of the first Japanese American delegation to Cuba with Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR) back in 2001. We visited Havana, the Isla de la Juventud and other places. Two other groups followed in the years after we went. A report back panel was organized last September to share their experiences. I was on the NCRR panel with Kathy and Sandy. Discover Nikkei filmed the event, and put it on their website. There are videos and photos of the event.

Here's the video clip of my portion of the presentation, where I talk mostly about the creative ways that the Cubans responded to the special period after the 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed with organic farming, holistic medicine, environmental reserves, and more. My part starts about 5 minutes into the 10 minute clip.

It was nice to pull out the old photo albums and writings of our trip to Cuba so many years ago.

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