Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Odori class

Maiya has been pretty excited about her Japanese odori dance class which she started about a month ago. I had to change my day off at work and it totally messed up my schedule, but it is so worth it. I never learned how to dance odori when I was a kid, so it's very fun to watch her learning and having fun.
Check SpellingYou got to check out the adorable video I took a few weeks ago, she's the one in the royal blue yukata with red goldfish and my red bathing suit sarong as an obi belt practicing "Teru Teru Bozu."



Janet said...

She's really good! How awesome that you're teaching her so much about her heritage. Her grandparents must be so proud...

Kaznchris said...

pachi pachi pachi (I'm clapping & totally smiling) Omedeto! So glad she enjoys odori. Wish we lived closer so Mari-chan could join Maiya. Can we ask Maiya to dance for us the next time we get together?