Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More MG-isms

8/13/08 - First thing in the morning, while still in bed:
MG: Mommy I want popicle for beck-fast.
JK: Umm, no.
MG: Why?
JK: Because it's not a food for breakfast.
MG: Just kidding. Ok. Mommy I want peanut butter jelly sandwich for breakfast. (Pause.) Yes? or No?

8/23/08 - Talking in her sleep: "I want the hot dog. I don't want blueberries."

8/28/08 - Talking in her sleep: "No no no no. I don't want to eat it. No daddy. No daddy. Daddy you forgot to go to the car wash. You have to wash mommy's car."

9/1/08 - Made Up Story: "One time I went to Granny Franny's and there were 5 dogs. 5 big dogs. And they were so big they hit their head on the top, on the ceiling. Just kidding."

9/2/08 - Dream recall: "Last night I had a dream. I dreamed I made burritos for everybody. I made burritos for all the people. By myself."

10/12/08 - While in the shower: "Mommy, something slidy is coming out of my nose. What it is?"

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