Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jenni's Yucky Day Off

Monday was my DAY OFF. Here's a recap as I remember it.

7:00 wake up, T leaves for work.
7:15 first day of online class. do first 2 assignments.
8:30 MG wakes up, joins me on computer.
8:40 Breakfast with MG, yogurt, berries & cereal parfait with peaches and warm cocoa. Do breakfast dishes, clean up ants
9:00 back on computer while MG watches SuperWhy on PBS, call school re: late arrival
9:30ish play with MG, 3 calls from work, watch beginning of "The View"
10:45 take shower, rush to get MG dressed and ready to leave house. minor meltdown with uncooperative child.
11:10 leave house to pick up Grandpa, who had fallen that morning.
11:20 drive grandpa to dialysis
11:35 arrive at dialysis center, weigh-in, drama-5 phone calls, etc.
12:05 rush out of dialysis center with MG, MG eats lunch in car.
12:35 arrive at preschool in time to brush teeth for naptime.
12:40 try to pick up lunch, no parking, bail out.
12:45 stop in at work to review 3 files to give to auditor... too much to do, cranky & stressed out, end up staying 4 hours
4:45 rush to pick up MG to get to Great Leap to help with budget
4:50 pick up MG
5:10 arrive at Great Leap, meeting re: budget, cashflow, etc, distracted by MG who's hungry and bored, on poissonrouge
6:40 rush out of Great Leap, calling Lily for 7pm dinner, called 5 times, voicemail
7:15 arrive at Talpa, leaving message for Lily to meet us there, MG cranky
7:35 T arrives stressed out and stays 5 minutes, T's dad at ER
8:00 Lily calls. Order tacos for Lily, get T's food to-go
8:15 Pay bill, head home
8:25 Finally home, MG working at her desk, playing with ink pad and writing, check online class cyber updates and FB. Turns out grandpa broke his tailbone
9:10 bath time for MG
9:40 in bed with MG, reading stories
10:00 Lily arrives, eats dinner. Empty dishwasher and fold 2 loads of laundry while talking with Lily.
12 midnight. Lily goes home. Turn on TV, fall asleep watching Sex & the City.

Next day off, I think I'll stay home and veg.

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Janet said...

9:40 bedtime for MG? Wow - we're on different schedules for sure! Bless your heart (as we Southern gals say) - hope today is less frantic!