Sunday, April 13, 2008

Okazaki Family Reunion 2

We had a little Family Reunion today after/for the Okazaki's 2nd Sunday church service (click on Reunion below) in Boyle Heights. Like our family reunion last Labor Day, today was hot, hot, hot. Marlon gave a sermon, and it was really nice to hear him, as he is the 4th generation in our family of ministers. We had an awesome potluck lunch after the service. We played a fun game where you had to guess whose secret was whose, orchestrated by my cousin Cherie, who is here from France with her husband Didier and two kids. The funny ones were my Auntie Taka who got stuck on a flagpole at Dendocho (church headquarters), my mom who once slept in the trunk of the car in Yosemite when she was a kid (she didn't say if the trunk was open or closed).

I was also glad to see my Auntie Kumi, and cousin Ryan and his family, who missed the last reunion. It was kind of surreal to see all the next generation kids having fun and playing together on a 2nd Sunday, just like all us cousins did 35+ years ago when we were kids.

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